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Milpitas Community Chinese School
仁 愛 中 文 學 校

Located in Milpitas, California
Founded since 1995 in the heart of Silicon Valley
100% Non-Profit 501c3 Organization
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Information, Rules and Policies

Following are the MCCS information, rules and Policies:



Location: All language classes are held on Saturdays between hour 9:30 am to 11:30 am at Milpitas Christian School.

Address: 3435 Birchwood Lane, San Jose, CA 95132

Mailing Address : MCCS, P.O. Box 361856, Milpitas, CA 95036

Phone: (408) 849-9421

Website: www.mccs-usa.org

Email Address: info@mccs-usa.org

Calendar: MCCS generally follows the Milpitas Unified School District calendar.  Other than holidays, school sessions are Saturdays from 9:30 am to 11:30 am.

Break Time: For Kindergarten to 3rd grade, it’s 10 am to 10:15 am.  No break for 4th to 10th grades, CSL and CSL-A (Adult Mandarin)

Communication: The school communicates with the parents through e-mail, please advise us if your email address has changed . Also, please add the following e-mail address to your address book so as to avoid our e-mails being put in your "BULK" or "SPAM" folder: principal@mccs-usa.org and mccsusa@gmail.com

News/Handout Notes: MCCS will distribute school news or special notice on a regular basis.  Please read them as they bring important information regarding school activities.


School Rules

Student Arriving Time:  Students should not arrive before 9:15 am.

Late: Please do not be late to class.  Students will lose valuable learning time; plus it’s disruptive to the class.  School board will review & resolve consistent student tardiness with parents.

Leaving Early: If a student needs to leave early, the parent should notify the teacher and then pick up your child.  Students are not allowed to leave the school ground without their parents.

Pick Up:  Parents need to be on time to pick up students at 11:30am.  No one will be patrolling the school ground after that time and MCCS will be not responsible for your children.  For emergency, please call our phone number at (408) 849-9421.  Late arriving parents can pick up their children at the school office.

Cancel Class:  MCCS reserves the right to cancel class as warranted.  If this occurs, the school will refund a portion of the tuition as appropriate.

Class Observation: MCCS welcomes parents to observe classroom activities.  Please ensure you have teacher permission ahead of time.


School Policies

  • Classroom Representative -- this position fulfills the mandatory parent service
    -- Contact and communicate with other parents in the class.
    -- Call to remind the Room Parent of the Day to bring snacks and also to stay in class.
    -- Be responsible to communicate the teacher for the parents' complaints or comments.
    (Contact the class teacher about the complaints or comments first before contact the school office)
    -- Co-ordinate and organize school events, such as the annual carnival.
    -- Act as a liaison between the school and parents. The classroom representative is responsible to pass on the school news or announcements to all parents in the class.

  • Room Parent of the Day -- this position DOES NOT fulfill the mandatory parent services
    -- Bring snacks and drinks. ( a penalty of $20 for not bringing snacks and drinks)
    -- Must stay in the classroom to help the teacher, e.g. xeroxing, handing out papers, and assisting students.
    -- Help the teacher to keep the class in order and make sure students not touching or removing any objects in the classroom.
    -- Before leaving the classroom for recess, make sure no students are left behind in the classroom.
    -- At recess, supervise the students at the playground to ensure safety.
    -- For lower grades, escort the students to the restroom.

  • Traffic/Safety Patrol -- this position DOES NOT fulfill the mandatory parent service
    (For every patrol day sign-up, you are excused from being Room Parent of the Day for one time. If scheduled date is in conconflict, please contact Patrol Coordinator ahead of time. There is a penalty of $20 for not showing up.)
    Please click here Safety Patrol Guideline for detail.

  • Parents who paid to exemption -- A fee of $60.00 per student or $100 per family is charged to the parent per school semester year.
    -- NOT EXEMPT from being the Room Parent of the Day duty or Traffic/Safety Patrol duty.

  • Board Member -- this position fulfills the mandatory parent service
    -- Excused from the duties of Room Parent of the Day, and Traffic/Safety Patrol
    -- Attend most of the school board meetings.
    Involve or responsible for at least one role to support the school board (Contact the school board for detailed list, e.g. Secretary, Yearbook, Scripts, Office Work, Marketing and ect..)
    -- Approved by the school board, board members who have NO Kids currently enroll at MCCS are exempted from the above duties.